White Americans Are the Biggest Terror Threat in the U.S.: Study

White Americans Are the Biggest Terror Threat in the U.S.: Study

According to a new study by the Washington-based research group, The New America Foundation, the face of terror in America is white. Although the popular image of “Muslim extremists” dominates mainstream media and entertainment themes, this report finds that twice as many people have died in attacks by right-wing groups in America.

“The research shows that since Sept, 11, 2001 most terror attacks on US soil have been carried out by white supremacists.”

Now of course this news can also be uncovered at the local barber shop in Black America, but it’s more credible in many circles when well funded research confirms the intuition of the man on the street.

White Americans are the biggest terror threat in the United States

Homegrown Terrorism in the U.S.

It’s hard to agree on a single definition of terrorism, but the report narrows it down to “ideological violence”. That is, “both individuals acts motivated by Jihadist ideology, understood as those who worked with or were inspired by al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups, as well as those motivated by other ideologies that are non-Jihadist in character, for example right wing, left wing, or idiosyncratic beliefs.”

The most recent deadly homeland attack by whites was the Charleston Church Shooting. The report includes 16-other shootings where at least one person was killed, 48-total in deadly right-wing attacks. It shows 7-shootings and 26-people killed in Jihadists attacks. Many of the white extremist attacks didn’t stay in the news cycle long including the 2009 Pittsburgh Police Shooting. The gunman murdered three police officers who responded to a domestic dispute call at his mothers house. Like the Charleston Church Shooter he frequented white supremacist websites and expressed racist views. The most deadly Jihadist attack was the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting where a U.S. Army psychologist opened fire in a medical facility on base and killed 13-people.

To read the full report, Homegrown Extremism 2001-2015 click hereĀ 

What say you about how this report effects the perception and reality of US terrorists?



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